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 ^ [[products:​imx6:​software:​os:​start|IMX6 Distributions]] ​                                                                                                                            ^ [[products:​imx6:​software:​development|IMX6 Software Development]] ​ ^ ^ [[products:​imx6:​software:​os:​start|IMX6 Distributions]] ​                                                                                                                            ^ [[products:​imx6:​software:​development|IMX6 Software Development]] ​ ^
-A distribution is a complete operating system. Some distributions are general Linux systems and can be used for a lot of uses. Others are geared to just one particular use case. **Only Yocto and Debian is supported by Solidrun - all other Distributions are community images.** ​  | Everything about Kernel, Drivers, U-boot and OBS                  | +|{{page>​products:​imx6:​software:​os:​start#​overview&​noheader}} ​  ​|{{page>​ products:​imx6:​software:​development#​overview&​noheader}} ​  |
-|  ​{{page>​products:​imx6:​software:​os:​start#​overview&​noheader}} ​  ​| ​  ​{{page> products:​imx6:​software:​development#​overview&​noheader}} ​  |+
 ==== How to flash a SD Card ==== ==== How to flash a SD Card ====
 Please have a look at this tutorial how to write a .img file onto a sd card Please have a look at this tutorial how to write a .img file onto a sd card
 [[products:​imx6:​overview:​flashsdcard|Flash a SD Card]] [[products:​imx6:​overview:​flashsdcard|Flash a SD Card]]