Hummingboard Carrierboard Professional


The pro version of the HummingBoard carrier for the MicroSOM processing offerings from SolidRun is intended to offer a valuable development platform with advanced capabilities (including multiple storage methods) in an embedded device. As opposed to the HummingBoard Base model, the HummingBoard pro focuses on larger file storage via mSATA, LVDS display integration, as well as extensibility through additional board access.

Developers may also note that when paired with a MicroSOM i2eX or better capability, the ethernet port is capable of “gigabit” negotiated connectivity with a maximum throughput of up to 470 Mbps based on the processing capability of the ARM cores. [Hummingboard Professional Bottom side]

Capabilities Unique to Professional

  • Full Size mSATA Connector (when paired with MicroSOM supporting mSATA)
  • Real Time Clock RTC with battery header (when paired with NXP PCF8523)
  • 2 Additional USB 2.0 Ports via 8 pin header
  • 30 Pin LVDS display interface
  • Amplified Audio Stereo Out
  • Half-Size Mini PCI-Express Conenctor
  • Infrared Receiver

Capabilities Common with Base

  • Integration with the MicroSOM via a 2×80 pin board to board Header
  • Micro-USB Power Input with Power Management
  • HDMI 1080P out
  • 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet via RJ45 Connector
  • 26 pin header for GPIO and UART
  • UHS-1 Capable Micro-SD Slot
  • MIPI CSI-2 15 pin connector
  • 2 Powered USB 2.0 “A” Host Ports
  • Hardware implemented reset button


The picture to the right is the top view of HummingBoard Pro. It includes -

  1. MicroSOM - This board holds the i.MX6 main processor, DDR3 memory, Gigabit Ethernet PHY, either BCM4329 or BCM4330 WiFi/BT and power management devices.
  2. Standard micro USB connector 5V as a DC power
  3. HDMI connector
  4. Half size mini pci express connector (yellow on the bottom are M2.5 screw ports)
  5. Two internal USB header ports (pro version)
  6. 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet Connector (throughput up to 470Mbps based on bus speed)
  7. Powered 2x USB 2.0 host ports
  8. MIPI CSI connector
  9. Infrared receiver
  10. RTC battery header (powers NXP PCF8523 real time clock). Bottom pin is the '+'
  11. Audio in and out connector (connects to SGTL5000 audio codec)
  12. Digital coax S/PDIF connector
  13. 26 pin GPIO header compatible with the Raspberry pi header
  14. LVDS display connector
  15. Reset button
  16. Two LEDs - Red is power and Green is Ethernet link and activity

The picture to the right is the bottom view of HummingBoard Pro. It includes -

  1. Micro SD connector (for OS image and user data)
  2. Full size mSATA connector
  3. Place holder for SIM card connector (not assembled by default). The user can solder JAE SF7W006S1AE1000 connector.

Notice that the SIM card requires the user to install a half size mini pcie GSM modem that uses the SIM card for broadband carrier connectivity.