IMX6 Hummingboard


Solid-Run's HummingBoard (during development known as Carrier-One) is the internal development board for the i.MX6 MicroSOM (System on Module), since released as a powerful micro-computing platform. Based on the scalable Freescale i.MX6 family of system-on-chip (SoC) processors ranging from a single to quad Cortex-A9 processor cores, 2D/3D hardware graphics processing unit, video decoding and encoding acceleration hardware, HDMI 1080p 3D as well a compatibility with a broad range of peripherals.

Mix & Match Feature for business customers: Choose the model that’s right for you. You can choose your SolidRun uSOM and match it to each HummingBoard you wish.

Hardware specification

  • Detailed IMX6 MicroSom specification can be found here:
    IMX6 MicroSom

Comparison Table

The Hummingboard itself is offered in 4 versions: the standard and professional version of the carrier board. The professional, or “pro”, version of the carrier board offers additional features and native integrated capability for specific uses. The Hummingboard Edge and Gate got a completely new layout compared to the two other models.

Notes: The features of the MicroSoms are limited to the features of the Carrierboard/Hummingboard.
For example: MicroSom supports eMMC, but carrierboard not.

Description/Model HummingBoard Carrierboard Base HummingBoard Carrierboard Professional Hummingboard Gate Hummingboard Edge
MicroSOM All IMX6 MicroSom Models All IMX6 MicroSom Models All IMX6 MicroSom Models All IMX6 MicroSom Models
B2B Connectors 2 2 3 3
I/O Connectivity
10/100/1000Mbps1 Ethernet2 1x RJ-45 1x RJ-45 1x RJ-45 1x RJ-45
HDMI Out 1080p with CEC
LVDS Display Out
USB 2.0 2x Host 2x Host+ 2x Headers 2xHost Front+2xHost Back 2xHost Front+2xHost Back
Analog Audio PWM Mono output Stereo Out, MIC In Stereo Out, MIC In
Digital Audio Out Coax SPDIF Coax SPDIF
Camera MIPI CSI-2, 15 pins Header 3 MIPI CSI-2, 15 pins Header 3 MIPI-CSI-2 and MIPI-DSI, Parallel Camera 3 MIPI-CSI-4 and MIPI-DSI, Parallel Camera (on GPIO header) 3
Parallel Display/ Camera I.F
CAN Bus 4 4
RS485 Header Header
Reset Button Internal Internal Internal Internal
RTC On board On board On board
RTC Battery Header On board On board
SATA II mSATA- Full Size5 M.2 2242 (SATA only)5
PCI- Express 2.0 mPCIE- Half Size mPCIE- Half and Full Size mPCIE- Half and Full Size
Storage uSD, USB uSD, USB, mSATA uSD/ USB uSD/ USB/ m.2
Booting Options uSD uSD uSD/ USB uSD/ USB/ eMMC/ m.2
GPIOs 26 pins Header 26 pins Header 36 pins Headers 36 pins Headers
SIM Optional, 1 connectors to mPCIE 1 connectors to mPCIE 1 connectors to mPCIE
InfraRed for Remote Control 38KHz Receiver 38KHz Receiver
ADC 12 bit - 4 channels - 1 MikroBUS, 1 DC-in sensor and 2 with headers
Mechanical and Electronic Specifications
Voltage In 5V 5V 7V-36V 7V-36V
DC- In uUSB uUSB 5.5mm in 5.5mm in
Dimensions (WxL) 85mmx56mm 85mmx56mm 102mmx69mm 102mmx69mm
Enclosure available optional metal enclosure optional metal enclosure

1 1000Mbps link is limited to 470Mbps actual bandwidth due to internal chip buses limitation.
2 Ethernet PHY is on the uSOM
3 Mipi Pins: Compatible with the RPi cams on Pro/Base OV5647 and Compatible with Wandboard Cam on Gate/Edge OV5640
4 Supported by MicroSom Rev. v1.4 and upper
5 Supported with SoM i2eX and above

Hummingboard Customization

Mix & Match Feature for business customers: Choose the model that’s right for you. You can choose your SolidRun uSOM and match it to each Hummingboard Carrierboard you wish:

More Information can be found at our Mix and Match section of our Website or contact us directly.

Create your own Carrierboard

For manufacturers and developers additional information concerning “how to create your own carrierboard” can be found on this page:
Create a IMX6 Carrierboard

Remote Controls

InfraRed Remotes

It's a GPIO based 38KHz receiver that supports lots of 38KHz based remote controls. AlsoLIRC is supported.


All imx6 devices supports hdmi-cec. For further information please have a look at: IMX6 HDMI-CEC

Power Consumption

Power Supply


Hummingboard offers a single powersupply (input: 110V - 220V) with two connector options: US or Europe. The power supply has the connectors directly on the brick (MicroUSB). For those living in Australia, or other countries that do not utilize the US or Europe power connectors, you can use a connector adapter to adapt the US or Europe connector to your local connector type. In this case, select the connector option that is easiest to adapt.

3rd Party Power Supplies:

Outputs 5V and is able to source 2A (3A for i4pro models). The Hummingboard Base and Professional models are using a MicroUSB connector. The Hummingboard 2.0 got a 5V-36V 5.5mm in DC-In connector.

The Hummingboard i4pro uses 1.5A in max peak (wifi/gig/processor/gpu/vpu/memory). Because the Hummingboard also supplies two 500mA USB ports, the power supply should be at least 2.5A (1.5A for Hummingboard + 1A for USB devices since it's a powered USB host ports).

Minimum Power Consumption:

On idle times; Hummingboard i4pro goes to < 1W while refreshing the HDMI out. Disabling HDMI out makes DDR clock completely gated which should be even lower.


7V-36V (12V recommended), 5.5mm DC Jack in

External Battery

External battery can be used, for example

Please take care of the voltage (hb pro/edge/gate)

Hummingboard Pro/Gate Enclosure

Aluminium enclosure , fits HummingBoard Edge and HummingBoard Gate.

Weight 0.45 kg
The dimensions with the enclosure are :
Length ~ 12.5cm
Width ~ 8cm
Height ~ 2.8cm


The Hummingboard Carrierboards (and Cubox-i) don't support power over ethernet (poe)

Cellular Modems

We have tested the Telit HE910-D and Sierra Wireless EM7305 , both work very well under Linux. (miniPCIe Model!)

The Sierra Wireless MC74-series can cause some issues, workaround can be found here. “… isolate USB3 data pins #23, 25, 31, 33 on top side of the card ”.

Hummingboard Edge/Gate Boot Jumpers

Only available for rev 1.3 and above!

Hummingboard Gate/Edge is possible to boot from different media - without any fusing.

Jumpers need to be setup at J5005

To boot from:

  • eMMC 3 jumpers will be needed: (1+2),(3+4), (7+8)
  • MicroSD 2 jumpers will be needed: (3+4), (5+6)
  • M.2 SATA SSD: 1 jumper will be needed: (1+2)
  • USB OTG: No jumpers needed: ensure that no jumpers are connected to

Thermal Application Note

Here you can find the Thermal-Application-Note for the imx6 MicroSoms:
MicroSom Documents

All of our SoMs are available in industrial temperature, The default temperature for the dual / quad core models is extended (-20c to 70c) and we also offer industrial and automotive grades (this is a custom order and LT will be longer).

Additional Documents

Documents like the schematics of the Carrierboards and the ROHS/CE Certificates are listed here:
Hummingboard Documents