IBx Bios flash via DediProg

DediProg SF600 Intel Solid PC BIOS update/flashing guide


Tools required for this task:


1. Install the SF600 Plus software
2. Connect the SF600 Plus to your computer and install the USB Driver
3. Connect the accessory cable to the SF600 Plus via the PCB end of the cable
4. Connect the 4x2 end of the accessory cable to the J8 header on the SolidPC

Figure 1 Header Location on SolidPC PCB

Figure 2 J8 Header Schematic

Figure 3 PCB J8 connector #1

Figure 4 Please note - the red wire of the accessory cable marks position #1 & should correspond to connector #1 on the PCB

5. Connect SolidRun SolidPC power supply to the SBC
6. Run DediProg Engineering (which should be 1 of the 4 icons which the software installation created)
7. When the application opens, you should receive a query regarding Memory Type Ambiguity. Please select MX25U6435F
Notice that the programmer must drive 1.8v signals; otherwise the main processor might get damaged

Figure 5 Please select MX25U6435F

8. Load the Bios image into the DediProg Software prior to flashing:
  1. From the DediProg Software toolbar please select FILE
  2. Point to the Bios Bin file
  3. Data Format: Raw Binary
  4. “Truncate file to fit in the target area” should NOT be selected
  5. Click “OK”
  6. “Operation Completed” should appear in the main program window
9. In order to write the Bios to the Eprom – on the DediProg Software toolbar please click on BATCH. Please wait during processing. When the task is complete the log in the main window should state “Operation Complete”

Figure 6 Operation complete