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 ===== Intel Braswell IBx Documents ===== ===== Intel Braswell IBx Documents =====
 This is a collection of all available documents. This is a collection of all available documents.
 +<note important>​These files are only for a reference. We do NOT take any responsibility for any part or functionality that you use from these files.</​note>​
 ==== SolidPC ==== ==== SolidPC ====
-{{page> products:a38x:clearfog:​documents#​list&​noheader}}+{{page> products:ibx:solidpc:​documents#​list&​noheader}}
 ==== IBx MicroSom ==== ==== IBx MicroSom ====
-{{page> products:a38x:​microsom:​documents#​list&​noheader}}+{{page> products:ibx:​microsom:​documents#​list&​noheader}} 
 +==== Other ====
 +{{page> other:​documents#​list&​noheader}}