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Intel Braswell ibx by SolidRun

Intel’s Braswell family of 14 nm SoCs provides developers with a powerful, energy-efficient platform for the most demanding of Windows IoT and embedded Linux applications. The Braswell series includes processors from both the Atom® and the Pentium® product lines, offering a range of quad cores CPUs, a real-time clock, and a unified development/production platform.

SolidRun now offers a simplified, time-saving solution for developers who want to leverage Intel’s ubiquitous computing platform and x86 instruction set for use in powerful new devices and systems.

  • The SolidRun MicroSoM™ sized at just 53mm x 40mm, which serves as the core of the solution, providing all computing, memory, and image processing functionalities.
  • Our SolidPC Q4 Carrier Board, which provides external interfaces, enabling access to all of the MicroSoM™’s powerful functions.

SolidRun is a General Member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance: a community of embedded developers and solution providers” –