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-====== Software ======  +====== Software ====== 
-{{tag>​a38x software ​linux operationsystems ​os openwrt yocto kernel uboot}} +{{tag>​a38x software os operationsystem linux kernel uboot yocto openelec archlinux ubuntu debian fedora opensuse}}
-page under construction.+
-Supported OS:+^ [[products:a38x:​software:​os:​start|A38X Distributions]] ​                                                                                                                            ^ [[products:​a38x:​software:​development|A38X Software Development]] ​ ^ 
 +| A distribution is a complete operating system. Some distributions are general Linux systems and can be used for a lot of uses. Others are geared to just one particular use case. **Only Yocto and Debian is supported by Solidrun - all other Distributions are community images.** ​  | Everything about Kernel, Drivers, U-boot and OBS                  | 
 +|  {{page>​products:​a38x:​software:​os:​start#​overview&​noheader}} ​  ​| ​  ​{{page>​ products:​a38x:​software:​development#​overview&​noheader}} ​  |
-Linux Kernel 3.x 
-Yocto Linux 
-link to Distributions 
-link to Development 
-→kernel/​uboot and stuff