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 ===== How to add a new page ===== ===== How to add a new page =====
-...to this documentation+...to this documentation\\ 
 +Please read: https://​www.dokuwiki.org/​wiki:​syntax
 First just put into your addressbar: ..../​doku.php?​id=**CAT**:​**NEWPAGE** First just put into your addressbar: ..../​doku.php?​id=**CAT**:​**NEWPAGE**
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   * products:​imx6   * products:​imx6
   * products:​a38x   * products:​a38x
-  * products:​a5xx 
   * other   * other
 +available **subcats** are:\\
 +so if u want to create a new site concerning hb2, for example gpio,\\
 +use doku.php?​id=products:​imx6:​hummingboard:​hb2:​gpio
 Then add the **NEWPAGE** Then add the **NEWPAGE**
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 etc etc
 +**Pictures** and other media content:\\
 +Belongs to:\\
 +imx6/​hummingboard/​ ...
 ===== Optimize Content ===== ===== Optimize Content =====
 please add Tags to your side. please add Tags to your side.
 use at least one of these tags use at least one of these tags
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 Thank you. Thank you.